If you are having any troubles with signing into subwars please try the following first.
1. You must be ranked in order to play.  If you are not ranked yet this season, please do your placements then try again.
2. Subscribers only need to register 1 time for permanent FREEPLAY and they will remain on the play list for the duration of their subscription.
3. Subscribers can also use priority pay to play and they will still remain on the FREEPLAY list.
4. All players must be in the Discord SUBWARS WAITING ROOM in order to play.

If you are still unable to connect, please contact nifsta on Twitch.

If you have had a problem with a payment made, or need help with any transaction, please send an email to and make sure you provide your transaction number and email used when you made the payment. Don’t forget to include a brief message for the problem you are experiencing. Please use this process first before initiating any chargeback action. Chargebacks for donations will result in immediate ban from the channel.

We really want everyone to enjoy the stream. From time to time, we feel the need to ban viewers from Twitch Chat. We have a zero tolerance for racism and it will most likely be a permanent ban. There are times, however, the viewer got caught up in the heat of the stream and has said or typed something he or she is truly sorry for and would like another chance. There are also times that the mod may have banned the wrong person in error. We welcome anyone who has been banned, either by accident or by their own actions, to be allowed another chance. You are welcome to fill out the Trick2G Twitch unban request and we will review your case.