You can Purchase the $50 Subwars Slot to get a spec and play in subwars in the same day. The $100 Slot you get to play with me and get coached on D ways of D breach! I will get your Ign from the site just like I would invite you when subwars is going on. So make sure if you got a spec or gatez with Trick2G you are logged on the site so I can add you, send you link to curse voice so we can get to know one another. #Kappa Maybe netflix and chill! If somebody is crazy and gets D $500 Subwar Slot you will get a 2 hour private lesson with me to be a god at breaching! #Kappa


Register HERE and select either the 50.00, $100.00 or $500.00 option.  This will also give you a free SUBWAR play.   You will also need CURSE so Trick can pull you into voice chat. Please contact Nifsta on Curse so that he can schedule it for you.


Trick Spectates allows you to see the game HIS WAY. He understands the game at a very high level and will teach YOU to control the game through objective control, map control, and pressure. If you are in lane, he will breakdown the ways to farm and create pressure. Anyone can learn a lane matchup by reading a guide, be will teach you how to USE that knowledge and turn into a player that can control the game. When you control the game, you control your own destiny and aren’t relying on your team mates to get you out of “Elo Hell.” Trick doesn’t believe in relying on your team mates and that is the goal of Spectates, to turn you into a player that DOMINATES every aspect of winning the game by yourself.

Please remember this is all in fun, Trick will broadcast the game on his stream. This is not for the weak, only the strong survive. if you feel in anyway that you would not be able to take the criticism, please do not purchase a spectate. If you have purchased a spectate and are unable to complete it and would like a refund, please notify admin@team2g.com

Have fun!