Trick can spectate a game of your choice from your match history, give you tips, and overall help you improve your gameplay and decision making. Trick Spectates allows you to see the game HIS WAY. He will try to teach you how to control the game through objective control, map control, and pressure. If you are in lane, he will breakdown the ways to farm and create pressure. Anyone can learn a lane matchup by reading a guide, but he will teach you how to use that knowledge and turn into a player that can control the game.


Register HERE.
Option 1: $100 includes optional Subwars entry + 1 Spectate.
Option 2: $150 includes optional Subwars entry + 2 Spectates.

Please remember this is all in fun, Trick will broadcast the game on his stream. If you feel in anyway that you would not be able to take the criticism, please do not purchase a spectate. Once a spectate is complete, they are non-refundable. If you have purchased one and are unable to complete it and would like a refund, please notify admin@team2g.com