Please be aware, the Subwars® game you will be playing in will be aired on a Broadcaster’s Twitch Channel. They will critique game play as well as entertain the stream. comments can sometimes be harsh but is all done in fun and learning the game. If you feel you can not handle the critique, please do not enter subwars®.

All Subwars® participants consent and are subject to these Terms and Conditions. By participating in Subwars®, you acknowledge and agree that your Subwars® game may be aired on the Broadcaster’s Twitch channel. The Broadcaster may critique game play and entertain the stream during your game. Broadcaster comments and critique may be direct and severe but are all provided in the spirit of fun and learning the game. By participating in Subwars®, you acknowledge that you may be harshly critiqued, and consent to any and all such comments and critiques. By participating in Subwars®, you also acknowledge and agree to the following rules:

1.) No smurfing. You are required to play Subwars® on your highest ranked account. For example, it does not matter if your main account is silver but your smurf account is gold, you agree to play on the gold account. Violation of this rule may result in a permanent ban from Subwars® participation and Broadcaster’s Twitch channel.

2.) No toxic language. Subwars® is intended to be a competitive environment in which the expression of constructive criticism and ideas are permitted. However, toxicity, trolling, constant negativity and berating of other participants and teams will not be tolerated and will be addressed individually, subject to the sole discretion of Broadcaster and Team2g.

3.) No spoilers. When your Subwars® game ends, you are prohibited to talk in chat while the game is live on stream. Violation of this rule may be result in suspension from participation in Subwars®.

4.) If you have any problems or need any additional help, please email

5.) Refunds will be given if you have not played yet.  PayPal chargebacks will result in permanent ban.  Please send request to