For a long time now, it has been a dream of Trick2G’s to start his own League of Legends team. After five
long years and a lot of hard work, that dream has come to fruition. Trick2G proudly presents TEAM GATES.
TEAM GATES will be breaching into the North American Challenger series.
We are looking for players that demonstrate their ability to work well within a team, demonstrate their
decision making effectively, and have the drive to go for the win. Our players will receive training and
guidance from the team’s coach to further their potential in the series.
We are currently looking for one player per role, with one substitute.
In order to be considered for the team, you must be:
-17 years of age or older
-Masters 400LP or higher at the end of S6
To apply, fill out the Application with your current
and correct information.

You will be contacted once the information is reviewed.
Thank you for your interest in TEAM GATES!