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Udyr Vs Riven

Trick has released a new guide on Tacter for a matchup that can sometimes be tough. Riven is an extremely bursty champion, and she can capitalize on mistakes. It’s crucial to play the early game right when facing Riven, but it’s also important to build correctly and to know what runes to take in order to counter Riven and other champions like her.

What is the Rune Set up?

The primary runes in this Matchup are going to be Conqueror and Approach Velocity. The rest can be tweaked a bit, however, this is the main rune build:

Runes - Screenshot from Tacter

What is the Build?

The build is pretty straight forward. Your first item can be any Doran’s item depending on your playstyle. Trick usually wants more damage so he usually goes Doran’s blade or Doran’s ring. Versus Riven, you can almost guarantee early level fights, so it’s good to go on the offensive.

What Should I Level First?

When starting, you usually want to start Q -> R -> E in an ideal laning phase and if you’re full HP. If you are missing HP, go W second, or third, depending on your HP at Level 2 and Level 3.

With Approach Velocity + E max 2nd, it should be very easy staying on top of targets.

Where is the Full Guide?

The full “Alexandyr the Great” S14 14.1 Udyr vs Riven guide, which also includes a video guide to accompany it, can be found here. This is a guide made on patch 14.1, but it still applies so long as none of the core items or runes are changed in upcoming patches. Be sure to like and save the guide for later!

This guide can also be used to help you win lane as Udyr against other melee or tough matchups in the toplane! Not just for Riven!

Stay up to Date

We’re going to be releasing at least 1 guide per week, so bookmark Trick2g’s Tacter profile and join Trick’s discord to be notified of new guide releases!