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Hey everyone, there’s big news in the League of Legends world. The 14.1 update for the 2024 season is dropping some significant changes.

January 10th

First things first, the ranked season starts on January 10, with different server start times. Now, onto the main updates: Summoner’s Rift has undergone some serious changes. New walls, shifted bushes, and other alterations aim to create a more balanced playing field, particularly for top lane strategies. Let’s just say, Trick’s playstyle is going to be legitimized.


Monsters on the map have also been revamped. Meet the Voidgrubs and their companions, the Voidmites. Taking these creatures down rewards buffs, and collecting enough lets you summon your own Voidmites to assist in pushing towers. It’s like ZZ’rot on roids. ZZ’roids?

Rift Herald, the formidable foe in the pit and Trick’s BFF, now allows one player to control it after takedown. It’s a game-changer for strategic (and fun) plays.


And here’s the kicker: Baron’s got a makeover too. Three versions of Baron, each with unique abilities and pit designs, are now in play. That adds a fresh layer of strategy to the game.

Bye-bye Mythics

Moreover, mythic items are out, and almost every other item has been rebalanced to fill that gap. The aim is to keep the game dynamic and fair.

Plus, keep an eye out for the upcoming addition to the champion lineup: Smolder, the charming dragon. Fans are already excited about this new character!

Get ready, 2G Army! These changes are shaking up the game for the 2024 season. It’s time to adapt our strategies and embrace the excitement!

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