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We just released a new guide on Tacter for those of you who’ve been asking for it! In this guide, I go over the best Volibear builds to play him “my way”. Of course, we’re going to be seeing a lot of Hullbreaker! I also go over what to build vs AD champs, vs tanks, and vs AP champs. Don’t miss it! It’s exclusively on Tacter, check out the guide here.

What is Tacter?

Tacter is a new platform for written content – this starts in the focus of guides, but the idea is to let everyone write about their passion and the games they play.
Offers revenue for creators who create guides and posts on the platform. – the same way that YouTube works, but in the written content side. Tacter is still in Beta and the website is still quite new, but they’re evolving fast and is an awesome moment to join both as a content consumer or as a creator.
It is an additional layer to help creators monetize, focused on helping creators. – Tacter truly wants creators to be able to sustain the passion they have for the games they play, and we know how important is to have different streams of income through that journey. This way, by consuming the guides of the content creators, for the followers and fans, means helping them to sustain what they love.

Finally, Tacter is a new tool, to help creators to increase their monetization and to help them share their passion with their audience. For the fans, spectators, friends and consumers, Tacter wants to provide as much value as they can so that the fans stay engaged and happy to check the content.

Support me on Tacter!

Supporting me has never been easier! Tacter is ad free and works a lot like YouTube. They’re the first platform to help creators monetize their written content and guides. The best part? You can support me by simply dropping a like on all my guides!

Each week, we’ll be releasing NEW guides on the topics YOU want to learn about. Join my Twitch or Discord to submit guide requests and stay up to date on new guide releases.

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