Join us on November 11th after the H1Z1 “PACKAGE DELIVERY” games for a Trick2G mod’s competition.  Three games will be played between Trick’s mods and a special guest to be announced ONLY when the first game starts.  All donations will go to Stack-up.org along with Trick2G donating 100% of all subscriber money for the duration of the broadcast.  This is the first time the mods get to play instead of working during stream.

It will be Team A’s job to keep Trick2G alive and Team B to keep the ‘MYSTERY GUEST’ alive at all costs. The winning team for the best out of 3 games will each win a Devastator Keyboard and mouse set and Gamestergear PC200B headset courtesy of Cyberpower PC and $20.00 BattleNet gift card to giveaway on their streams.

 Sennheiser G2A