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S14 Udyr Guide Out NOW

Trick2g wrote his first ever guide today on Tacter. Tacter is a platform made exclusively for top players to create guides in TFT, and now also in League of Legends.

This guide goes over his favorite builds, which of course includes his infamous Hullbreaker rush.

Is Hullbreaker still good in Season 14?

Yes! Trick is still rushing Hullbreaker second item, and this is covered in his new Udyr Guide on Tacter.

What’s the Best armor item?

Trick’s current favorite armor item is Frozen Heart, he says it’s the only armor item worth building right now.

Frozen Heart Changes

  • Total Cost: 2700 ⇒ 2300
  • Item Recipe: Warden’s Mail + Glacial Buckler + 400 gold
  • Armor: 90 ⇒ 70
  • Ability Haste: 20 (unchanged)
  • Mana: 400 (unchanged)
  • Unique Passive – Rock Solid and Winter’s Caress: Unchanged

Tower Changes

“Towers have been on the more fragile end for a while now, but with the addition of more tower damage coming from Voidgrubs, we thought it was time to give them a bit more durability. We want towers to feel like something that you can actually protect and reduce how easy it is for some teams to immediately win by blasting through three towers. We’re also adjusting the backdoor bonus (reduced damage to towers when there are no nearby allied minions) to be more potent as it was often being ignored by champions later into the game. Now it will also apply to true damage rather than entirely nullifying it so that it’s consistent across damage types.”

Riot Riru – Link
  • Inner Tower Health: 3600 ⇒ 4000
  • Inhibitor Tower Health: 3300 ⇒ 3500
  • Nexus Tower Health: 2700 ⇒ 3000
  • Backdoor Bonus: Now reduces True Damage to towers rather than nullifying it entirely
  • Backdoor Damage Reduction Amount: 66.666% ⇒ 80%

Read all the 14.1 Patchnotes here.

Where can I find Trick2g’s 14.1 Udyr Guide?

Read Trick2g’s entire Udyr S14 14.1 guide here. This is his first ever written guide, so any recommendations and tips are welcome! More coming soon, so be sure to bookmark the page!