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compete in trick2g’s subwars

    What is Subwars?

    Subwars is a fun way to interact with Trick2g and other members of his community. You get to compete in League of Legends while Trick watches and commentates live on stream.

    How do I play?

    More details coming soon.

    Can anyone play?

    Yes, any Trick2g subscriber can play in Subwars. Just make sure you’re playing on your main account and on NA servers.

    Can I get guaranteed a spot to play?

    You can purchase a priority Subwars entry to guarantee yourself a spot. However, in some instances when there are several priority entries, you may not get to play on that specific date. Your entry can roll over to another date with higher priority.

    I am having trouble signing up, what should I do?

    Shoot us a message on Discord and an admin will be sure to assist you.

    What are the rules?

    Coming soon.

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