What is Subwars?
Subwars is a fun way of playing with Trick and other subscribers, interacting with the community, and learning how to be better at League. The matches should simulate ranked games (so no trolling or inting pls) and are played with 9 other subs in the same elo as you. Trick watches and reacts to the games, and tries to give feedback to the players.

Do I have to pay to play in Subwars?
Subscribers get permanent entries to play free in Subwars as long as you are a current subscriber.  If you are not a subscriber, you can still play with a minimum donation. Donations are always welcome, but not mandatory, plus they grant priority to play over other subs. Go here to subscribe on Twitch


How do I play in Subwars?
There are a few easy steps in order to play in Subwars. All you have to do is register to play here.  Once you’re registered, join Discord, and sync your Twitch account (in Settings, Connections) so you have the Subscriber role. Also, in the Subwars General channel make sure you post your so you can get your role for the division you are in. You will now see the Subwar channels and announcements. If you need help, please contact any Subwar mod on discord.  Have fun and thanks for supporting the stream.


  1. No spoilers – if you’re playing in a game he is currently spectating, do not spoil it! This includes ‘haha jk that didn’t happen’ spoilers
  2. No smurfing – your rank is based off your highest ranked account in the current season.
  3. No flaming – friendly banter is fine.
  4. Do not spam mods to play, so long as you’re properly signed up and ready to play the role you picked, spamming won’t better your chances.
  5. You must join discord to play – mute if you don’t want to talk.
  6. Don’t ask players to switch roles with you, if you/they are picked for a specific role, that is the role you must play in.
  7. Have fun 🙂


Q: I signed up but didn’t get in

A: Signing up does not guarantee you a spot, try again next time or purchase priority to guarantee a spot in subwars!

Q: I paid but did not get in

A: Your priority will NEVER expire, if by some chance a lot of people signed up for priority, yours will roll over for next the next subwars!

Q: I am unranked, can I play?

A: You must do your placements first

Q: I am not subscribed, can I still play?

A: Subscribers get to play for free, it is one of the benefits they receive for their support to the stream.  You ARE welcome to play in subwars without being a subscriber with a small donation.

Q: I’m in EU, can I play?

A: So long as you’re ranked in EU and have an account on NA to play on yes, you can sign up to play!

Q: I need to get a refund on a priority I purchased because I didn’t/won’t be able to play

A: Please email