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We’d just like to make a post about Trick2g merch and mention that we do not currently offer or sell any merch that you may see online. Any merch offered on various websites, despite being labeled “official merch” is not official.

Does Trick2g Have any merch for sale anywhere?

Currently, Trick doesn’t have any official merch for sale. If that should ever change, we will be sure to update this post!

There are plenty of websites online with Trick’s logo, and unfortunately, there is not much we can do about taking those down.

Why doesn’t Trick2g sell merch?

We really want to sell merch that we’re proud of with designs that are timeless and on-brand. We don’t want to dropship any products, or sell you guys products that are low quality. For the time being and until we are able find solutions to these issues, we’re holding off on selling merch.

How else can I support Trick?

If you wish to support Trick, you can do so by subscribing on YouTube, Twitch, or his MyWays site, or just hanging out on stream.

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