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Everyone deserves mental health care. Heroes like you make it possible.

Help people all over the world with therapy costs. Make a donation here.

We have all needed help from time to time and gamers are no different.  Either our favorite games have got us down or things in our lives are not really going the way we hoped they would go.  If you are feeling there is nowhere to turn, you are wrong.  The folks at Anxiety Gaming understand gamers and they are here to help in any way they can. Our community is important to us and YOU MATTER!

So here we are, alone, anxious, and unsure– which only makes us more anxious. Even the smallest of chores has become overwhelming. There’s an intense fear of what happens next, but an almost disdain towards making a change today. You’re at the point where you know something is wrong, that you need help, but where do you even begin? For many, this is the hardest it will be. This is the part in which you mentally commit to getting better. Tell yourself that it’s time to move on. That things have gone too far. What you’re dealing with is painful, and it’s a pain that’s going to stop.

The people at Anxiety Gaming understand.

They have put together a simple guide to recovery that you can find here and they can help you. Sometimes, that is all we need: just a little help from someone that understands us, and gaming.

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